Our Highland Wedding

Our Highland Wedding

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wedding Charms

Traditional Victorian wedding charms were made of sterling silver and were placed inside the wedding cake for guests to pull out...

We chose to make our own charms using polymer clay and "pulling" them from a basket rather than from the cake...

The traditional charms were given these meanings:
Magic Lamp ~~ Dreams Come True
Dollar Tree ~~ Financial Security
Heart ~~ Your Love is True
Rocking Chair ~~ Long Life
Wedding Bells ~~ Joyous Declaration
Anchor ~~ Stable Life
Cross ~~ Life of Peace and Tranquility
Four Leaf Clover ~~ Life of Good Luck
Horseshoe ~~ Good Luck and Prosperity
Heart Lock ~~ Faithful Love
Key ~~ Key to the Heart
Wishbone ~~ Wishes Come True
Chimney Sweep or Ladder and Brush ~~ Luck
Thistle ~~ Scottish Heritage
Celtic Knot ~~ Scottish Heritage and Love's Enduring Promise
The Saltire ~~ Scottish Heritage
Claddagh ~~ Friendship, Love, Loyalty
Celtic Cross ~~ Pledge to Defend the Home


  1. I just read your whole blog. Awesome!!! Well thought out and researched. Very interesting because I am Scottish, too. I am from the Barclay clan. I really enjoyed all of the traditions you pulled in and how you explained everything. Did you honeymoon in Scotland? Maybe for your 5th anniversary!

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  3. Awww! These are superbly pretty. Went for a cocktail party of my neighbor at one of the best wedding venues recently. He is such a perfect host. Managed everything single handed. All were given warm welcome and also the food ordered was exotic. Best were the drinks including wine and champagne. Barbeques and baked food served was sumptuous.