Our Highland Wedding

Our Highland Wedding

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Steps, Ringing Bells, Horseshoe and Scramble

One of the traditions we chose to include in our wedding was "The First Steps Together" as man and wife... we walked around the outside of the circle of "our people" taking our first steps together as a married couple. When we completed our walk, our guests welcomed us back into the circle, symbolizing their show of support, love, and encouragement as we began our journey together as husband and wife, surrounded by the love of family and friends.

Another tradition was the Ringing of the Bells... we provided our guests with small bells and asked them to ring the church bells at the end of the wedding ceremony to joyously declare the marriage. The sound of bells was also said to drive away evil spirits.

We included the Scottish tradition of having a toddler (my granddaughter and my niece teamed up for this one) hand a horseshoe to the bride as she walks out of the church with her husband. The horseshoe signifies good luck in the marriage.

Upon leaving the church it is a Scottish tradition for the bride and groom to scatter coins to the assembled children to collect. This scattering is referred to as a "Scramble." Legend has it that this token will be constantly returned to the bride and groom throughout their marriage.

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