Our Highland Wedding

Our Highland Wedding

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some Wedding Traditions Originating in Scotland...

The Oathing Stone 

In Scottish wedding customs, the groom is pledging to "provide and protect." An oath given near a stone or water was considered more binding. Some believe the phrase "set in stone" came from this custom.

The "First Foot"

The first person the bride encountered was called the "first foot" and as part of the celebration, would be given a coin and a drink of whisky by the bride. He would then have to accompany the bridal party for one mile before being allowed to continue on his way.


Bridesmaids were traditionally dressed similar to the bride. Their purpose was to be decoys, confusing the evil spirits and faeries, thus protecting the bride.

Bride to the Groom's Left

As a warrior's prize, a captured bride needed to be held with his left hand so his right was free to fight off her family or foes.

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