Our Highland Wedding

Our Highland Wedding

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Our first order of business before even contacting the powers that be for the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games was to join Clan Lindsay and to do that we had to show lineage that dated back to Scotland... Hugh's mother was a Lindsay. We were told the Carolina Room at the Greenville, SC library was a great research place and housed several volumes of Clan Lindsay genealogy.

One Saturday morning we decided to drive the two hours up to Greenville and spent several hours digging into family history, finding out that the first Lindsay in our line came to the United States from Dundee Scotland in the 1700s only five generations back. We filled out our family tree required by Clan Lindsay and submitted the membership dues... a few weeks later we received our Clan Lindsay certificate and our first Lindsay Recorder, the quarterly newsletter. We were officially Lindsays and Scottish and ready to submit our request to the folks at Grandfather Mountain... thinking that being Clan members would surely help our cause.

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