Our Highland Wedding

Our Highland Wedding

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Scottish Wedding Flowers

The Groom’s Boutonniere
The groom often selected a flower for his buttonhole from the bride’s bouquet. This harkens back to Medieval times when a Knight would wear his Lady’s colors to display his love… another of the Scottish wedding day customs.

Scottish Thistle

The thistle has been a symbol of Scotland since the 1500s. There are two stories about how the Scots came to revere the thistle.

One version is that during the Viking invasions, an attacker stepped on a thistle and cried out, thus awakening the Scots and saving the day.

The second version tells of the English army advancing upon a Scottish castle at night. Unknowingly, the soldiers took a route through a stand of dried thistle. The rattling of the dried heads and leaves alerted the castle…

The Scottish King Kenneth III gratefully adopted the thistle as his nation’s emblem.

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