Our Highland Wedding

Our Highland Wedding

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


A few years ago I was browsing my local public library for something to read and happened upon the book Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon. Always one for historical fiction, I checked it out and dove in, immediately swept up into the beautiful, passionate story of Jamie Fraser and Claire... I WAS Claire while I was reading that book, ample behind, unruly hair, a love of plants, medicines and the wild passionate red-haired Jamie Fraser! I woulda been his Sassenach any day!

I was halfway through the book before I realized it was the SECOND in a series! I continued to read the following three books before I ever went back and read the original Outlander... and that was OK...  they all remain my favorite books... my daughter bought me the Outlandish Companion a couple years later and I've devoured it bit by bit and still go back to reference things on occasion.

I was already enamoured of Scotland before I met Jamie and Claire, but after I came to know this pair, the Highlander and his lovely Sassenach (or Outlander, Lowlander, British!) I fell even more in love with the wild, passionate, free country of my ancestry.

And then I met my own Sassenach and we began to plan our own Highland love story... and wedding!

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