Our Highland Wedding

Our Highland Wedding

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Silver Wedding Rings

We chose sterling silver wedding rings decorated with Celtic knots, purchased at All Things Scottish in Linville, NC... silver instead of gold because historically gold jewelry wasn't common in the Scottish Highland, but silver was.

The Celtic race is known for their symbolism and the beauty of their Celtic knots. They abound in everyday life, in their art, and on their clothing accessories. Naturally, many of these have become traditional Scottish wedding symbols. The interlaced lines symbolize no beginning, no end, and everlasting love with a binding, or intertwining together of two souls.

The Trinity Knot is the simplest of the Celtic knots, symbolizing a triune Godhead. For the Celts, all important things come in threes, which in Christianity is symbolized by the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

As Scottish wedding symbols, all aspects of the knots were given meaning. The crossing of the strands represented the way in which the lives of the bride and groom were to be intertwined. The repetitious knots, with each knot connecting to the next was like an unbroken chain of generations. The interlaces also represented intertwined hearts which, of course, represent love.

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